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Is buying or selling your home keeping you up at night?

  • Hesitant about buying or selling at the wrong time
  • Afraid of buying a home you might regret later
  • Worried about leaving money on the table

Not only that, there's so much unknown in the process.
It's emotionally stressful and mentally draining.

You need a Realtor® who has your family's best interest in mind

Alleviates your fear
of the unknown
Someone you trust to care for you
Navigates the complex
details for you
So you can actually enjoy your move
Helps you get a responsible
investment in your family’s life plan
Build wealth for your family
call nick and kris: (714) 378-0909

“I got frustrated with my previous Realtor® when my townhome stayed on the market for 3 months.”

“I let that Realtor® go and decided to ask Nick White for help. Nick & Kris showed up with a detailed game plan right away. As a result, our townhome sold in days.”

Aliso Viejo, CA

Hi, we’re Nick & Kris,
a mom and son real estate team.

We understand how nerve-wracking the real estate experience can be.

That's why we've refined our buying and selling process over 36 years. Since 1986.

We’re here to help you navigate everything from negotiating an offer to closing escrow. We’re here for you from start-to-finish.

Ranked #1 Team at
Seven Gables in 2020
Properties sold
over 36 years
Of our clients come back over and over again

We’ll help you navigate the buying or selling process from start to finish

A proven game plan to win
Real-time, data-driven market research. 3D walkthrough tours. Custom websites. Digital marketing. Staging, photography, videography.
Relentless negotiators on your side
We’ve negotiated for over 1560 properties in Southern California. You can trust us to win the best deal possible.
Unrivaled support
Daily updates. All your questions answered. We’ve got your back. We’ll protect you from hidden surprises.
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How to sell your current home or buy your dream home with us

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Get a winning game plan to sell your current home or buy your dream home
Enjoy delicious apple pie with your new neighbors
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When it comes to negotiating a deal, you want the strongest player on your team. There’s no one better than Nick & Kris. They got me an offer $100,000 over my asking price.”

“In fact, it sold before the open house! The best part is the total relief I felt after the house sold. I slept soundly at night because Nick and Kris were methodically in control of the selling and buying process.”

Tammie Harakas
Fountain Valley, CA

You want a Realtor® who’s got your back

Everyone reaches a point when it's time to sell their current home or buy their dream home.

The problem is you don't want be taken advantage of by the wrong Realtor®.

Not only that, all the unknowns in the process fill you with anxiety.

It's just plain wrong that there are realtors out there who treat you like another business transaction.

You deserve a Realtor® you can trust to have your family's best interest in mind. Someone's who's got your back.

We're Nick and Kris, a mom and son real estate team. As a mom and son team, we understand the importance of family.

As Realtors®, we understand how ridiculously complicated the real estate process can be.

That's why we've refined a winning game plan that gives you everything you need to buy or sell a home confidently.

In fact, most Realtors® sell on average 8 homes a year. We sell about 45 homes a year.

You can trust our expert housing market guidance because it's built from 49 years of combined real estate experience.

You can start dreaming about your family's exciting new adventure ahead. Give us a call now. You can trust us to watch your back.

call nick and kris: (714) 378-0909

“Nick and Kris understand the emotional attachments people can have with buying or selling homes. They treat you like a person, not a number. ”

“A lot of Realtors® treat every transaction as just another business deal. I’ve done 8 transactions with Nick and Kris in the last 20 years, since 2001. I’ve recommended them to more than 5 friends because I know they’ll take care of them as well as they took care of me.”

Andy J
Irvine, CA

a happy family in front of their new home

Your family deserves to move forward in life

Experience hope
for your future
Wave good-bye to the status quo
A deep sense of accomplishment
Achieve the next step in life
A responsible investment in your family’s life plan
Build wealth for your family
call nick and kris: (714) 378-0909

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